"Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer."

John F. Kennedy

What's Wrong With Our Government?

  • The Senate is irrelevant.
  • The federal government is holding the states hostage.
  • There is no leadership in our federal government.

"The value of our nation depends on the value of the people and the people elected "

Stephen Feldmeier

On the Issues


We The People     2020

Stephen Feldmeie​r

Here is a quick list to show where I stand the issues. For a details on a specific issue, just go to that page. What separates me from the rest of the field of candidates is on the issue of smaller government. No other candidate will reduce the size of the federal government as much as I will. These department I will cut are not only the biggest over expenditures of the federal government and the worst managed, but also but unconstitutional. These departments do not fall under Art.1 Sec. 8 of the United States Constitution. (Over expenditure meaning more money spent in the operation of these departments then the revenue it brings in) 
On the issues

Smaller Government

Cutting back on the federal government by eliminating the following departments as these departments are the responsibilities of the states:
Health and Human Services
Housing and Urban Development

Cutting duplicating agencies:
Homeland Security

Cabinet positions I would cut:
EPA - States have their own EPA Department.

Give all the federally owned land to the states.

De-arming federal regulatory agencies and agencies that are not law enforcement or security.
Armed Agencies:
Border Patrol
Security at Federal Installations

Constitution Amendments

I strongly support all the Constitution Amendments and support to repeal the following Amendments:

I would support a balanced budget amendment.

Referring to the 2nd Amendment I would support the repeal of all federal gun laws, Gun Ownership regulation is the responsibility of the states, not the federal government's. 

Social Issues

Gays and Gay Rights

I neither support or oppose Gay Marriage, marriage is covered under each States' Constitution. There is nothing the United States Constitution that addresses marriage. The states have the right to determine what is a marriage.

I neither support nor oppose Gays in the military, but the military has the sole responsibility to maintain readiness and the military leaders should be the deciding factor if gay's effect this readiness not the SCOTUS. This also applies to women in combat roles.

Healthcare should be privatized and covered across state lines.


I would push for a flat tax rate of 5% for corporations with no deductions and eliminate the personal federal income tax.

I would eliminate the "If you don't use it you'll loose it" when it comes to government funding.  


I support the current immigration laws. I do not support amnesty for the people who are here illegally.   


I believe in a strong military as being a deterrent against war. History shows when America is weak militarily, world conflicts rise. To see a detailed explanitation  See