We The People     2020

Stephen Feldmeie​r

"Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer."

John F. Kennedy

My Views on National Security

  • Stop using the NSA for political purposes. 
  • Identify real threats to the United States. Tea Party members are not threats to the United States.  
  • Have a defined plan to handle each threat. 
  • Stop borrowing money from other countries
  • Our unemployment is to high, it needs to be dropped down.

"Knowing your enemy is one thing, doing something about it is another"

Stephen Feldmeier

National Security

Middle East Region
Unsecured Boarder Policy
Selling Armament to the Middle East Countries.

   Please note; due to President Obama's erratic foreign policy or the lack of, the threats to The United States change on a daily basis. But these are the most current, predictable and constant.  For starters, The United States needs to know what other militaries  are doing and the strength and purpose of any movement of them. 




    The immediate threat to our national security right now is Iran which is a twofold problem: 

    First: Iran’s continuation of its nuclear weapons development (by Iran’s own admittance for its use) just for the sole purpose for the annihilation of Israel. The United States cannot stand by to let this country develop this weapon and wait to see if Iran will use it or not. 

    Second: Israelis acting to destroy the Iranians weapons development sites will need the help of The United Sates. In either situation the United States will be involved. The possibility of the whole Middle East region retaliating against Israel is a scenario The United States will have prepare for. 


  Action: this is the same as the solution in the Middle East.




State Department:

    The United States needs to be more careful of whom we want to be allies with and the amount of trust we put with another country such as we did with Russia. Because of this; The national security threat from Russia is at its all time high.

     Russia has become The United States leading security threat because of Valdemar Putin.

     After Bois Yeltsin early resignation from the presidency Valdemar Putin came in into power by eliminating all of his serious political challengers either by having them killed or imprisoned. Then the election itself was rigged.


    The first order of business was to change all of the top echelons of the Russian parliament. He replaced all the key government officials (whom actually run the country) with members of the former KGB. This is the equivalent of having Carlo Gambino as president and Carlo appointing his mob members to run the treasury, justice, inner commerce and such. In today's Russia commerce is handled by bribes, payoffs, or favors. Because of this "gangster" like approach in running the country, these appointments to these positions made the Russian Parliament irrelevant. With his take over of power Putin makes all the decisions.

     The only source of revenue for the Russian economy is selling natural gas to neighboring countries. And that's even controlled under the Russian Mafia. With no stability in the Russian economy and with a negative economic growth rate under the current system, an overthrow of Putin is most likely.

    Because of this instability with the Russian economy and her government The United States needs to stand back away from Russian with any diplomatic relations or future treaties. Russia in the past always has ignored any treaties signed between The United States and Russia


    Russia's military is also undisciplined to the point where there is no chain of command or a form of Uniform Code of Military Justice. The military runs itself with no civilian oversight. There is no accountability of the officer core to the treatment of the enlisted core. Desertion is at an all time high as well as selling Russia's military weapons on the black market.


    The United States disbanded our own space program and PURPOSELY put ourselves into a position to where we are dependent on Russia for transportation to and from the Space Station. This in itself is a national security threat to the United States. Russia currently provides the only means of getting people to and from the space station, and its ticket prices have soared with each new contract.

    NASA is paying $424 million more to Russia to get U.S. astronauts into space, NASA announced its latest contract with the Russian Space Agency. The $424 million represents flights to and from the International Space Station aboard Russian Soyuz spacecraft, as well as training, for six astronauts in 2016 and the first half of 2017. That's $70.6 million per seat – well above the previous price tag of about $65 million.

     We are also dependent on Russia for a supply line, known as the Northern Distribution Network, or NDN, that brings food, water, and building materials that keep US troops in Afghanistan fed. Again, another national security threat to The United States. Why is this important to Russia? The NDN offers Russia a considerable source of income, in the neighborhood of $1 billion a year.

    With these dependencies we have on Russia, The United States put its self into a position to where it cannot act against Russia for the actions Russia played in Georgia, Crimea, and Ukraine. Russia will further advance annexations into the reaming Baltic States that were part of the former Soviet Union knowing the United States has its hands tied and won't/can't act against Russia. If The United States acts now, Russia will cease to carry our astronauts and cut off the NDN route.

   The United States needs to break all dependencies that it has with Russia.

 Nuclear Weapons:
     The United States trusted the Russians to be an equal partner in all the SALT and START treaties, but The United Sates was the only active player adhering to these treaties.

       For years during the START treaties, Russia has been developing a new ICBM missile and upgrading the rest of the county’s nuclear stockpiles.( See my page MILITARY for details) Russia has the new missiles on line and the rest of her stock piles have been upgraded. Russia is ahead of The United States in its nuclear weapons.

    Putin said in a speech to the Federal Assembly, the joint session of the two chambers of the Russian parliament. “Some nations are developing new kinds of weapons, which may tip the global strategic balance, but Russia knows how to counter them. If all those plans are realized, it may cause a very negative effect on regional and global stability. Other nation’s build-up of conventional precision strategic systems combined with the increase of the AMD capabilities may nullify all previous agreements on the limitation and reduction of strategic nuclear weapons and tip the strategic balance of power,” Putin said. He was apparently alluding to the New START, the 2010 nuclear reduction treaty between Russia and the US, which was praised as one of major foreign policy victories during Barack Obama’s first term. The day of the signing 2010 START with Russia, Russia practiced a mock nuclear attack against The United States.

    Putin is currently meeting with the leaders of Iran to strengthen Russia and Iran relations and to boost the nuclear development of Iran's nuclear weapons.

     Russia also supplied Iran and Syria with the latest anti-aircraft missile platforms to prevent The United States and Israel form attacking these countries. Russia has also been building up her “Blue Water“ navy. Russia or I should say The Kremlin is sliding back into the Cold War mentality. If Putin sees where Russia is stronger militarily than The United States, Russia will attack the United States.

    The United States needs to start upgrading our nuclear stockpiles equivalent to what the Russians have now. The United States needs to stop the downsizing of our Navy, and continue on with the current ship production projects.

    Never as President will I never agree to a SALT like treaty. I might not deploy a weapons system in a certain region, for a certain time frame, but I will never destroy the weapons we have and downgrade our defense systems. Again looking back at history, whenever The United States military was not rated No.1, we were attacked or a world war started.



     China poses numerous national security threats at different fronts. First and most is the finical dependency we look to China for. The United States cannot be in debt to another country. 

    The other threat is the “Cyber” espionage, which they have hacked into the Pentagon Network and into our banking network.  The third area is China’s buildup of her “Blue Water” navy. Looking at the type of ships that China is building and the buildup of her standing army shows a direct threat of an attack to the Korean Peninsula and Twain.     


     Action: We need to stop borrowing money from China. Actually we need to stop borrowing money period.

     We need to have an active counter “Cyber” network to where United States can inflect major damage on to China’s computer network systems.

      The United Sates needs reevaluate the threat condition of Korea. Move it from a defensive posture from North Korea to more an offensive posture towards China.


Middle East Region


     The United States National Threat is all of the Jihadist groups combined in the Middle East region.  All the countries from Morocco to Pakistan have Militant Jihadist groups  alphabetically from Adbul Shakoor to Yarmuk Jamaat with all 106 in-between imbedded in these countries. The current governments do not want these Jihadist groups in their country. 

      The militaries of these countries are not strong enough to rid their own country of these groups. If one country's military decides to act against these groups, Jihadist groups from the surrounding countries will merge and fight against the acting military and overpower it. 


Action:  As shown in Afghanistan The United States military cannot rid the region of these groups by fighting them in one country only. When The United Sates military leaves Afghanistan, these Jihadist groups will just filter back into Afghanistan again. To rid the region of these Jihadist groups, The United States military would have to go into all of these countries at once, join up with their militaries to rid the region of these groups.




     For five years the president has been traveling to different countries around the world literally apologizing for how The United Sates has been treating other countries. The president believes he needs to raise the like ability of The United States worldwide. Doing so the president made decisions to further downsize our nuclear stock piles by adding a new SALT treaty with the Russians which The United States is the only one participating in.

     Every time this president wanted to do something like putting up a missile defense GBI sites in Poland to protect Eastern Europe from Iranian missiles, Russia said no and our president obeyed. Of course it would be a up hill battle for Poland and the Czech Republic to approve the GBI sites. But with current conditions in Ukraine I feel it will be easier for the installations of the GBI sites. The United States does have an universal sea based anti missile system platform (SM-3 system) to make up for the failed GBI sites in Poland and the Czech Republic.

    The president asked Russia not to deploy the anti-aircraft batteries in Syria and Iran and Vladimir Putin told the president to “stick it” the president backed off. By the president’s constant appeasement policy, other countries are looking at The United Sates as weak. Other countries might seek the opportunity to harm The United States knowing no repercussions will accrue.


Unsecured Boarder Policy


     This is a national threat to our economics.

     The United States has approximately 13 million people who illegally entered the United States. The United States does not know who these people are, or where they came from, or what their intent is. Securing the boarder is more than placing guards and building fences at the border. The best way to secure the boarder is to stop giving entitlements to people who illegally cross into The United States such as food stamps, welfare, now Obamacare, unemployment and any other social benefits. The United States has an immigration policy. Everyone trying to get into the country needs to follow this law. 


Selling Armament to the Middle East Countries


      The M1 Abrams tank is the world’s best tank. The United States is selling off some of the M1 production and tanks to Egypt. In the past after we sold arms to these unstable countries, these countries turn against The United States and used those weapons against our military killing our solders and airman. We are also selling our weapons and warships to countries that do not have good relations with The United States. 


The United States needs to stop selling arms into this region.