14th Amendment


      When it comes to immigration, I'm for keeping the current laws and enforcing these laws. But, when we ignore these laws by not enforcing these laws, we end up with record numbers of people crossing into the United States illegally. This creates a bigger problem and causes more hardships for the illegal immigrants and poses a security concern for our nation. This is why our immigration program is in chaos, the last five Presidents did not approach this problem in an adult manner. To be an "adult" you have to say "no" and if you can't say "no" to people who are coming here illegally, how are you going to make any other decision concerning social issues? Ignoring and not enforcing our immigration laws does not help the illegal immigrants, or the country, and or the citizens of the country. Sure, it is a tough decision I would not like to make, but it is a decision that has to be made. Doing nothing about it, is not going to fix the problem.     


     The Immigrants that are coming across the border are not the "rags to riches" story everyone wants you to believe. These people are established workers with skills they had back in their own country. The majority of them were shop owners, construction workers, managers, etc. They came to America leaving behind jobs, businesses, and practices in hopes that a new amnesty provision, in our immigration law, might pass to gain them citizenship. Today we are having waves of illegal immigrants, coming in from Latin America, in hopes this president will give amnesty to children. And now, we are starting to see an influx of children.


     The other group of people are the non-skilled immigrants. They come from countries that do not have unemployment benefits or food stamps. The United States basically invited these people here by a backdoor enrollment. The USDA has an agreement with Mexico to promote American food assistance programs, including food stamps, among Mexican Americans, Mexican nationals and migrant communities in America. Basically these people are poor, with hopes of gaining access to our benefits. As long as our government keeps on sending information to all of the Latin American countries, showing them how to apply for food stamps, medicare, free schooling, welfare, and advertise citizenship for children, this mass migration of people is going to continue. This madness is going to have to stop. The only way to stop it is to enforce the current laws we have. The only way to have these people leave voluntarily, is to stop giving out free benefits. You do this, the majority of illegal immigrants will leave on their own.  

      Any child (under the age of 18) that comes into the United States unattended and illegally after the signing of this EO, those parents will be charged with child neglect. 

   Any person whom entered the United States illegally as an adult, (over the age of 18) and self deports themselves, (leaves voluntary) will be eligible for citizenship through proper procedures. Any person, adult or child, caught entering the United States illegally, after the signing of the Executive Order, will never be eligible for US citizenship.

    For the children of illegal immigrant parents, whom by no fault of their own that were brought here illegally, will be eligible for citizenship through the proper procedures. The parents of said child mentioned, will be not be eligible for US citizenship but eligible for a "Green Card" until the child reaches the age of 21. Then parents will have to re-apply for green card status every three years. 

    These adults knowingly broke US sovereign laws by purposely entering the United States illegally. If these people have no respect for our immigration laws, then, what kind of citizens will these people become? By adhering to our immigration laws, is the first step of the path to become a US citizen. By having a strict border mandate, people will not be eager to "Jump the Fence." This will reduce the number of people entering this country illegally, and aid in helping to maintain a secure border.

    Once we secured the border with a strict entrance mandate, deportations will still occur, of course in a humane way. Here is a list illegal immigrants to deport in order:

   The one's who are in prison short of murder.
   The one's who are gang members.

   The one's who are drug dealers.

    If the people mentioned above reenter these United States again illegally, they will be put into to a federal prison and serve a life sentence. A federal prison solely funded by the governments of these immigrants. If these governments refuse to pay, I will impose sanctions against those governments for compensation for the cost of running those prisons. Why a life sentence? This is the best deterrent to keep repeat offenders from reentering these United States illegally. 

   The one's living off the subsidies with no ambition to work.

   The one's who file complaints that the American flag is offensive to them.

   Then finally, if we get to the point where we get to the group of people who are truly here to live the American dream and are employed in some manner, or in college, then a one to one evaluation will occur for green card status. Since these people did not voluntarily leave, these people will never be eligible for citizenship.

   Now being an illegal immigrant you do not have the right to: 


   Own a firearm.

​   Protest the government.

     This goes to show you the chaos that can happen when laws are not enforced. This is why we have laws.

The 14th Amendment

    Why the 14th Amendment?  This was a reconstitution Amendment right after the Civil War. It was to provide the slaves the residence status, and provide them with the same rights as everybody else for those living in the Confederate States. These states were under "martial law" and were designated as military districts, and since these states had no representative in Congress, such matters had to be addressed in this fashion. Once Confederate States were reunified, the 14th Amendment should have readdressed and abolished, but since it still active, people think it applies to immigrants. IT DOES NOT! We no longer have "military districts" we have sovereign state governments.

    I would push to repeal the whole amendment, but especially sec. 1 of the 14th amendment. {All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.}


   What this statement says is this. A slave, who was born in a Confederate State or who was brought, into the Confederate State whom then became naturalized, are said to be citizens of the United States, and residents of the state they reside. The reason was Virginia, for an example: Virginia refused to except the slaves as state residents, even after the United Sates gave the slaves, US citizenship status. To address this argument, Congress drafted up the 14th Amendment basically a "Slave Rights" amendment, giving the slave the right to vote and be counted as citizens of a state.


   In summary, the 14th Amendment was addressing the argument around state residency for the slaves. The federal government already excepted the fact the slave were already US citizens, so the government had to add language if a slave was born in your state, or a slave became naturalized in your state, that slave became a resident of your state. The 14th Amendment was addressing the state residency of the slaves and slave rights, not what do we do with illegal immigrants.

"Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer."

John F. Kennedy

  • If the people coming into the United States are seeking to rid themselves of poverty, that are uneducated and unskilled, will remain in poverty after they arrive.
  • If the people coming into the United States were unwilling to put forth an effort to change their country for the better,  they will not change the United States for the better.
  • If people are coming into the United States for the sole purpose of enrollment in the unemployment benefits, these people are Social Terrorist.
  • Children born in the United States, will remain the same nationally of the parents. No more "Anchor Babies", no more "Dreamer Babies." The day has come where the attitude: "Well, I'm here now, so you have no choice but to give me citizenship." Well my answer to those people is a plane ticket home with no chance of ever becoming a citizen of the United States.
  • If there is such a crisis in those countries where a mass of people are fleeing than maybe the United States ought to look at fixing the immigration problem in those countries before it gets to be chaos at our border.

"Legal immigration into the United States is a  privilege, not a right. Come into the United illegally, you forfeit that right."

Stephen Feldmeier



The 14th Amendment

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