We The People     2020

Stephen Feldmeie​r

Foreign Policy

United Nations


    There is a subject that most presidential candidates don’t talk about and that’s The United Nations. 

    First let’s talk about the role of the UN.

    My view on the UN is an agency that will provide for some rule of law, protection and relief support for underdeveloped nations. Nations that do not have a form of government that does not have the capabilities for making law or means for the country to protect itself. This is the role of The United Nations. 

    For nations that are under dictatorships or military law. The UN is usually is ineffective or has irrelevant measures it wants to take against these countries. In these situations is beyond the UN and I feel you have to go to the source of the problem to fix the problem.


    I’m totally against food sanctions, as it serves no purpose but to hurt the innocence in the country. These sanctions that deprive the general public of food and water were used to influence the leaders of the nation to follow some sort of International law. These sanctions are usually put in place because the nations in question are abusing the very citizens we are depriving the food and water from. So what good is that?

    Sanctions that “punish” the innocence show that a president has no clue on how to handle the situation.  

    Look at North Korea, The food sanctions against North Korea is starving the general public trying to influence the military regime to adhere to basic human rights to the citizens of North Korea. 

    Also we believe these food sanctions will get the general public to rebel against the regime. Because of the strength of propaganda in North Korea, it’s back firing and has been since the 50’s. The military regime is showing the citizens of North Korea how bad the USA is treating them by not exporting any food to them. We are playing into their hands making the United States look like the bad guy’s. 

    The goal is to help the general public not starve them out, and show them that you are on their side and you are against their government in the same way as they are. Food sanctions in the past have never worked. 

    Again in North Korea you have to go to the source of the problem to fix the problem


    Treaties in the UN are mostly drafted after our human rights laws and laws in general with some modifications. These treaties are used to establish some rule of law in a country that does not have the capabilities to do so and or law enforcement to enforce these laws. So this is where the UN comes in to play. Usually the United States drafts these kinds of treaties. Treaties the United States drafted are the only treaties I will sign. Period! not all of them but some maybe.

    Treaties drafted from other countries I will not except. These foreign treaties often do not have the best interest of The United States in mind and usually these treaties are written in such a way as to take many of the rights away from the people of The United States. Governments in other countries believe that if there people don’t have such rights in their country or even on their continent, the American People should not have that right also. Unfortunately, many presidents tried to bring such treaties into The United States trying to use The United Nations to change our laws to enforce their ideologue politics. My response to these foreign treaties and to make it clear to the American people on where I stand so there is no question on how I will vote on these treaties even if our Senate voted to approve these. I will give these treaties the one finger salute. I want to make this clear. As President I will not let in any foreign treaty into the United States to influence our laws.

    Now, one exception on foreign treaties, if that foreign treaty is aimed at one country or multiple countries and NOT the United States but has the best interest of The United States in mind, then I will except that treaty. But those kinds of treaties are few and far between.

Nation Building

There comes a time when a country either by choice or by the act of war a will require help to rebuild its government. It's the responsibility of the president to foresee a situation in a certain country(s) to where this might take effect. Too many presidents were caught off guard in the past where world events dictated such actions but the United States had no such plan or intern government establish at the time of these changing events. We always ended up shooting from the hip hoping something was going to work.

    So my policy is every country I feel that might implode during my presidency I would have an intern government already established along with economic experts to change around the economy of that country involved. These will be experts for that particular country mainly immigrants with political background and knowledge on how to reform that country in question. What a better group people to put in place temporarily until the country can elect its own people and establish its rules of governing than the people who use to live there.