We The People     2020

Stephen Feldmeie​r

 Steps we need to take to rebuild our economy!

These are the steps that we need to get jobs back in this country: 

  • Change how we see our energy sources
  • Restructure the EPA
  • Change our tax code.



    First and foremost are jobs. Our federal government is pressuring the states to "do away" with manufacturing and focus more on teachers, firefighters, police and first Responder jobs. Don't get me wrong these jobs are necessary, but these jobs do not make the economy grow. These jobs depend on tax payers’ money, and these jobs do not bring money into the United States.


    To bring money back into the United States and make our economy grow, we need manufacturing jobs! The United States became the leader of the industrialized world because of our R&D (Research and development) teams. There was a time the United States manufactured everything our country needed. During that time our unemployment rate was at 2.9% with an annual growth of our GNP of 4%. 

    The United States slid from being the worlds' manufacturing giant to only manufacturing 30% of the goods our country requires. The rest of the goods, up to 70%, are manufactured outside this country. Our first quarter GNP rate for 2014 is a "negative" — 2%.  The realistic unemployment rate today is at 16%. Why the fall in our manufacturing sector?

What caused all of our industrialized jobs to leave the country? 

Was it the EPA turning into a socialist agency? 

Was it healthcare turning into a socialist program? 

Was it the corporate tax system that turned into a socialist money grab for the federal government? Maybe all three?




     The use of oil, coal, and natural gas to aid our manufacturing is far more beneficial to individual posterity than it is to just sell those commodities out right. See more on this on my EPA page


     Set the EPA standards back to what they were in 1985. The reason for the 1985 standards? It was the last year the actual level of poison materials were set at safe and common sense levels. At these levels we can manufacture anything we want and still be environmentally friendly.

   See more on this, on my EPA page.




   For manufacturing in the United States to be competitive worldwide, I will lower the corporate federal tax rate from being at the World highest of 35% down to 5%. The reason to lower these taxes to 5% because some states are going to add on their additional taxes. If you look at each individual state’s corporate tax rate you will see it will range from “no corporate income tax” to as high as 10%. These five states; Nevada, South Dakota, Washington, Wyoming, and, Texas, do not collect corporate income taxes from business operating in their states. In the states that have a high progressive democratic population, the corporate tax rates ranges from 6% to 9.975%. 

   I will not bail out companies as there is no such thing as being "too big to fail." When the federal government gets involved in these situations, the interest of the corporation has a negativity affect. It won't force the corporation to change. By bailing them out, the same unsafe practices will remain in effect. It will also encourage more risk management knowing federal tax dollars will be issued if they "screw up." If we the people make bad financial decisions, can we run to the federal government to bail us out with federal tax dollars, I don't think so. 


       Next I would make it profitable for corporations, franchises, or shop owners that want to expand their business. That expansion would be free of any corporate federal tax. In other words if the expansion were by building a new factory or to reopen a closed factory, franchise or shop; these new establishments would not be subjected to any federal corporate taxes for the first five years. 





     I currently belong to a union and I am neither for nor against unions. I have seen it where mismanaged unions destroyed businesses and created job loss. I have also seen it were unions helped mismanaged businesses out of bankruptcy, keeping its employees, employed.  The federal government needs to stay out of union activities. If the employees of a business or corporation are enrolled in a union, there's a good reason why.  


    Concerning new business - Deny union access for one year in these new or expansion facilities. This will allow time for workers to debate if a union is warranted. 



     Change the tax code to a flat tax of 5%. After a certain criteria has been met, I'll do away with the personal income tax.   





    Income inequality regulates its self. If the people feel like they are not getting paid enough for the work they do with the profit margins of the company, people will start to refuse to work for them.     




    Any city or county project that is going to request federal funding must be "matching funds only." No more 100% of government funding of these projects. If the people feel it is important for a project to be built, then they can raise money for matching government funds. This is the only way to control governmental waste. 

"Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer."

John F. Kennedy

My Views on The Economy

  • Bringing jobs back to this country
  • Lower the corporate tax to 5% 
  • People getting money from paychecks instead of entitlements
  • Stop borrowing money from other countries
  • No personal Income Tax
  • All funding requests for "Pork Barrel Projects" needs a separate bill

"A government that cannot maintain a balanced budge for the country is a country that cannot maintain its government."

Stephen Feldmeier


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