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Stephen Feldmeie​r

Steve Feldmeier

The role of the president is to ensure the citizens of The United States has the opportunity to learn, to invent, to prosper, and to invest in one's future without any interference from the federal government. 

"A bill of rights is what the people are entitled to against every government on earth, general or particular, and what no just government should refuse."

Thomas Jefferson December 20, 1787 

   The name alone tells us and the rest of the world who we are. Fifty individual states, fifty individual sovereign governments completely governed by the people of each state. A unified agreement between the states - The Constitution of The United States - A world renowned document envied by the rest of the world, and envied only because the voice of the people is greater than any one government or any one elected official. No other nation in the world has its government totally governed by its people.

   Today's America is not who we are: Our nation is governing the people from the Federal level, due to the states losing their sovereignty through misguided actions such as the ratification of the 17th Amendment and the implement of the following departments/agencies at the Executive branch of the government;  Education, HUD, HHS, Interior, DHS, Commerce, Labor, Energy and the EPA. 

   Under Art. 1 Sec. 8 of the United States Constitution (authorities of the federal government) Education, HUD, HHS, Interior, DHS, Commerce, Labor, Energy and the EPA and a vast other of agencies do not fall under the authorities of the federal government, these responsibilities are reserved for the people at the state level to decide on how best to govern their own issues. 

    We the people need to get out of this mentality that the federal government knows best. Before the Dept. of Education, United States was rank first world wide in education. Today because the Dept. of Education with federal mandated programs such as "Jimmy Carter's busing children between inner city schools and the suburb schools," with Bush's "no child left behind," and of course the all popular "common core" today the United States is ranked 27th worldwide and is still falling in rank. After the Dept. of Labor, the number of people living in poverty in the United States has almost doubled in percentage. 

     Today's federal government is at the point where the current Administration back in October 2013 the President went as far as to "punish" the American People by closing down all national parks, memorials and museums throughout the country. This act was supposed to anger the people and in turn the people were to pressure their members of congress into signing a budget bill the members did not like. The worst part of this act, the federal government is only authorized to maintain 10 square miles of Washington DC along with forts and ports for the military. National parks and museums outside these boundaries are unconstitutional. Yes, Yellowstone National Park is unconstitutionally own by the federal government.   

    Look at same sex marriage, there is nothing in the United States Constitution that addresses marriage of any kind. The states have the sole responsibility of regulating marriage in their states. Each state has a state constitutional amendment or state statute that defines marriage, which were voted in by the citizens of each state. 

     In the case of same sex marriage the federal government persuaded the circuit court judges to rule on the issue, which ultimately made it to the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) The Justices ruled on the issue with their ideology values instead of the rule of law. Today we see where the federal government now has the power to mandate to the states same sex marriage, abortions, voter ID, education, welfare, housing, healthcare. Whenever the people are empowered to govern themselves through their state government and state laws, the federal government will step in using the federal court system to overturn the vote of the people. This removes the sovereignty of the states and gives that power to the federal court system. This is not the purpose of the federal court system, to interfere with the internal affairs of state governments. 

   For the past 40 years, our federal government purposely overtaxed and over regulated certain manufacturing industries, by placing unwarranted environmental regulations through the Office of the EPA.

   These overreaching regulations were purposely designed to force those industries to move out of the United States. Even though those industries were meeting the current EPA regulations, where those industries discharge water was "cleaner" then the water source, or the emissions were cleaner than that of the surrounding air, the EPA still imposed more aggressive regulations forcing those industries out of America. The end result, these former engineers and manufactures whom worked in those industries were forced into servant jobs. The middle income class that was able to provide for themselves without government assistance, now find themselves applying for government assistance. Today this is the sole purpose of those EPA regulations, to have the federal government determine which politically correct industry can operate within these United States. This is why we have a less than a 2% GNP, The federal government basically put the United States out of the manufacturing business. 

  This is why approx. 78% of the American People believe we are on the wrong track and can't trust the federal government. By design, this Administration as well as the past administrations used this oversized government to degrade the middle income class from being industrialized giants into positions of being servants.
     I am not anti-federal government, the federal government has a major role under Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution. But in the last 100 years the federal government took it upon itself to start regulating in matters solely reserved for the states.

The federal government has overreached its limits and capabilities to govern effectively. My goal, should I be elected president is to have the federal government concern itself only on those issues in Sec. 1 Art. 8 of the US Constitution. By doing this will reduce the size of the Federal Government by at least 60% and solve 90% of the problems facing these United States. We know what is best for ourselves, we don't need the federal government telling us on how to live our lives. (See my page on "Smaller Government")

     A number of these agencies would better serve the people if these agencies were operated only at the state level. Also, a number of these agencies need to be consolidated because too many "mirror" one another. We want to be realistic, a number of these agencies can simply be eliminated. This is the best way to reestablish the Federal Government's role with the states, is to mandate the federal government governs to the confines of Art. 1. Sec. 8 of the United States Constitution

I will return these United States from a Democracy back into a Republic.

    A Republic is where the people are represented by their representative and the representatives rule according to the law. (even if public opinion does not favor the law) Congress operates within the confines of the Constitution and the Constitution is the rule of law.

     A Democracy is where the people are represented by their representative and the representatives rule according to public opinion (majority rules concept) by overstepping current written laws or even the Constitution. (People won't change law, just expect congress to rule according to public emotions) Immigration, same sex marriage, voter ID requirements, healthcare, are just a few examples of many in which congress enacted on issues solely based on public emotions by ignoring current law or the Constitution.

    For us to turn this country around as I can't do it alone, we the people have to stop believing in 3 major political ideologue myths. 

  • Stop believing that the federal government knows better and knows what's best for you!

    This is a myth started by the government itself in order to make the people think the people currently serving in government are irreplaceable, therefore reassuring reelection. Nobody knows whats best for you except you. 

  • Stop believing in greenhouse gasses!

      There is no such thing as greenhouse gasses, never was and never will be. This was also started by the government into making the general population believe that the current melting of the glaciers stated 100 years ago due to manufacturing in the United States. The glaciers started melting over 12,000 years ago, at the end of the last glaciation cycle. 

  • Stop believing in "carbon pollution!"

     This was also started by government particularly by the Democrats to please the environmentalists. Everything else had an environmental  regulation attached to it except CO2. CO2 was the only gas that was not regulated for tax creation. CO2 is only .0390% and is only 390 parts per million of the entire atmosphere. For comparison oxygen makes up 20.95% of our atmosphere or 209,500 parts per million. CO2 is a natural gas produced by Earth herself.

    This is why I am running for president, to stop the growth of our federal government and return the sovereignty to the states. By doing this, will free the people to govern their states more efficiently. I will reduce the size of the federal government by 60%. I will eliminate the following departments; Education, HUD, HHS, Interior, Energy, DHS, and Labor.  I will use the Dept. of Justice as it is intended, to enforce current laws and not use the department for policy making. There are no other candidates running, willing to make the necessary changes, that are desperately needed in our federal government.

     I value the Tea Party ideologue.  As President and with common sense changes, I can return the governing of the people's needs back to the state level.

         This website is unlike any other presidential candidate’s; I will EXPLAIN why I'm either for an issue or against an issue. I do not follow party lines or repeat any of the talking points.

      Hi I am Stephen Feldmeier -  I am Retired Air Force. I have served 4 years (1977 to 1981) in The United States Navy served aboard the USS Trenton LPD-14. 

      I have also served 16 years (1982 to 1998) in the United States Air Force. In the Air Force I served with the Air Force Special Operation Group with an aircraft maintenance unit. I spent 3 years in Germany with the 10th MAS also in an aircraft maintenance unit. Served in several different operations. 

     I  married my lovely wife Marianne, in 2008, in Sedona, Az. We have no children. Currently I’m a locomotive engineer/conductor with a major railroad and live in Gillette, Wyoming, I am originally from Harrisonburg, Va.

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